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Geothermal Energy UK Cost (United Kingdom)
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Ground Source Heat Pump Efficiency UK

When people are interested in ground source heat pump efficiency, they're generally most interested in it because they want to know how much money a given pump will save them versus other means of heating and cooling. There are a few basic rules that you can follow to determine this but, in reality, you'll have to have your individual situation look at by an expert to determine what the most efficient ground source heat pump for your situation would be. Here are some basics about the systems, however, that can provide you with an idea.


Versus Other Sources in the UK

According to several sources, ground source heat pump efficiency can end up saving the user 30-60% on their bills compared to what they’d pay for natural gas powered heating. Of course, given that natural gas is one of the more efficient fossil fuel sources of energy, that’s a significant amount of savings. The most efficient ground source heat pump models may well end up saving the user more than this in terms of what they pay for heating and cooling.

Some experts break the efficiency down differently and in a way that will be relevant to those homeowners who are curious about the high costs of installing geothermal heating. Ground source heat pump efficiency will usually result in a system installed in a roughly 2000 square foot home paying for its own installation costs within four years. Beyond that, the system will be technically going into the negative as far as costs are concerned, because it will have already justified its own expense. This is a powerful way to look at ground source heat pump efficiency.

Geothermal Energy UK Cost


Geothermal Residential Heating and Cooling  UK


Geothermal residential heating and cooling is one of the most popular options for people who want to make their home more environmentally friendly. Some of the facts about these systems make them a rather significant choice, however, for homeowners who are considering upgrading to this type of HVAC. You'll have to take into account the cost of the system and the suitability of the system for your area before proceeding, which is something they need to consult with an expert about. 


Understanding the Costs 


Generally, the most expensive part of geothermal residential heating systems is the ground loop that needs to be installed to provide the heating and cooling exchange with the Earth. This loop can sometimes be open, in which cases the geothermal energy heating pump draws water from the water table, circulates it through the home and then deposits it back into the Earth. They also might be a closed loop that uses another medium, generally a type of anti-freeze, to provide the heat exchange action. The latter arrangement is more common for geothermal residential heating and cooling. While there are some significant advantages to open loop systems, they also come with the potentially variable water table to consider. 


The costs of installing these systems can be high. Geothermal residential heating systems generally cost a significant amount of money on the front-end but over time they do end up saving the homeowner an even more significant amount of money. They start doing this right away, in fact. They also have some significant advantages that many people will find compelling in a world where people are constantly trying to find better ways to live that are more friendly toward the environment. 

Getting Started 


The first step in installing a geothermal residential heating and cooling system is to speak with an expert. Geothermal residential heating systems will be more effective in some areas than in others, so you have to have an expert take a look at your individual situation to determine their overall suitability. They can also give you a good idea of how much you should expect to pay for the system and what exactly will be involved in getting it installed. Once it is installed, the benefits of these systems are felt immediately. 



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