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Geothermal Energy
United Arab Emirates

Geothermal Residential Heating and
Cooling United Arab Emirates


Geothermal residential heating and cooling is one of the most popular options for people who want to make their home more environmentally friendly. Some of the facts about these systems make them a rather significant choice, however, for homeowners who are considering upgrading to this type of HVAC. You'll have to take into account the cost of the system and the suitability of the system for your area before proceeding, which is something they need to consult with an expert about.

Understanding the Costs

Generally, the most expensive part of geothermal residential heating systems is the ground loop that needs to be installed to provide the heating and cooling exchange with the Earth. This loop can sometimes be open, in which cases the geothermal energy heating pump draws water from the water table, circulates it through the home and then deposits it back into the Earth. They also might be a closed loop that uses another medium, generally a type of anti-freeze, to provide the heat exchange action. The latter arrangement is more common for geothermal residential heating and cooling. While there are some significant advantages to open loop systems, they also come with the potentially variable water table to consider. 



Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Heatpumps in United Arab Emirates 

Geothermal energy is a method of using the pre-existing heat of the earth to heat a home, and it is also a method of using the earth to cool a home too. A geothermal system relies on specialized equipment that includes a closed loop of pipes buried vertically or horizontally into the ground, a heating pump, and even a desuperheater that is capable of creating domestic hot water supplies.

To simplify things, it is useful to think of geothermal heat as a method totally different than any other type of heating or cooling because it does not rely on any fossil fuels to generate heat or provide cooling. When it does use electricity it is simply to operate the pump or fan that distributes the air throughout the home or living space.




What are the advantages of using a geothermal system? There are many, and they include:
Financial Savings – Not only does the owner of a GHP (geothermal heating pump) get to enjoy reduced costs on things like home fuel oil, but they also reduce general operating costs by around 80%. This is because the systems demand far less energy IN GENERAL thanks to their efficiency and their use of the earth instead of the air for the creation of heat;

Environmentally Friendly – Clearly, it is a huge advantage to use a system of renewable energy to heat and cool your home, and to also create domestic hot water supplies. Because there is no need to burn up a fuel in order to create heat, a GHP system is going to be almost pollution free (with the exception of the electrical supplies used to power the pump).



How Much Does Geothermal Cost?

For geothermal, the cost of installation is higher than it would be with other forms of energy. The exact figure, however, is something that you’ll have to consult with a professional with to find out. Some systems can be very expensive and others can be surprisingly affordable. There will be some differences depending upon where you live, how much of an underground loop you have to run and so forth. Of course, if you’re simply adding a new pump or other hardware to an existing loop, the costs will be considerably


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Geothermal Energy United Arab Emirates