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Geothermal Heatpump Comparison?


In the world of GHPs (geothermal heat pumps) there is now a lot of competition. That is excellent news for the environmentalists of the world who will be happy to see the approximate 50% reduction in energy consumption that comes with the switch to geothermal. It is also a positive thing for the new owner of any GHP system to know as well.

Before we do a comparison of two of the “biggest” names in GHP manufacturing, we should take a moment to understand the benefits of any GHP system. For instance, we know that they are a totally non-polluting approach to home or commercial heating and cooling. We know that they can be modified to function as domestic hot water heaters. We also know that they will all be so efficient as to “payback” the cost of installation in as little as two years and usually no more than ten or twelve. They will also tend to cost around 50% less to operate than any other type of system.



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With all of that in mind, we can begin to address the differences between the installation of a Climate Master and Water Furnace geothermal systems. What are the differences? Actually, if you begin scouting around for consumer feedback about the two different brands you would quickly learn that most homeowners and consumers agree that both brands offer some of the best equipment available. The primary differences between them tend to be much more “regional” than anything else.

For example, you will learn that GHP systems are purchased through dealers or distributors, and can then be installed by the same groups or by independent installers that are recommended or used by the distributor. When installers are not part of the same group or “package” as the actual equipment company, it is best to do a bit of “legwork” and understand the warranties that are attached to the installation in addition to the equipment.

As an example, you might decide that a Water Furnace purchased directly from the dealer makes it necessary for you to order parts and wait for them to be shipped from the manufacturer, whereas the distributor for the Climate Master equipment may have the parts available all of the time.

There is also the need to understand if the labor portion of repairs and installation are included in a warranty as well. This is where some of the highest expenses can appear with a geothermal installation, and if the work has not been guaranteed in writing, it may be up to the home or property owner to “foot the bill”.

Does this mean that installers are not reliable? Not at all! What it means is that installation is just as essential as the quality of the equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States makes its Energy Star ratings list available on the official website. While that will give a consumer the precise models from Climate Master and Water Furnace that qualify as efficient, the site also points out steps to follow when choosing an installer because that is really where the biggest differences are found.


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