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Sustainable Home Design Floor Plan

"Critical" New Home Design Tips
& Pitfalls Report

Are you looking for home design tips and ideas?  Do you want to make sure your home is designed correctly and will work during construction like it's drawn on paper?

If you are building a new home you MUST ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the average bedroom size? 

  • How do I know for sure that my stairs will reach the second floor?

  • What is an 8/12, 12/12, 3/12, roof pitch and how does it apply to my home?

  • What size room do I need for a safe room and how is it constructed?

  • When I'm asked, "Do you want a hip or gable roof with dormers?"  What does that mean?"

  • How small can a 1/2 bath be and still have room for the toilet, sink, and door?

  • And MANY other critical design questions..... WWW.RYEHOMEDESIGN.COM



Thanks for drawing up our house plans and energy consulting. Living in Alaska, and communicating with you in Arkansas, I didn't think it was going to be easy. I sent you 8 pages of notes, pictures, and a list of features to make our dream home.
After a couple of phone calls and emails (while on vacation in Hawaii) our plans were sent back to us.

I was very pleased how fast and accurate they were with our wishes.

You drew up our friends home in Wyoming, and it turned out beautiful. It is now our turn to build our home and with your help I know it will be beautiful also.

Thanks again
Louise & Bill S.

Sustainable Home Design Adelaide

"Phillip: My wife and I want to thank you for the architectural drawings and energy analysis you did for our new home.

It was amazing to have such personal service while separated by so many miles. I live in the Miami Florida area and have very little free time due to my work as the Emergency Manager and Assistant Fire Chief for the City of Miami. I was very surprised to see how easy it was to deal with you over the internet. You did not require a lot of our time to orient yourself to what we wanted. You quickly adapted to our pencil drawings and turned our vision into a beautiful set of plans.

Your were very responsive to our questions via email and you even spoke on the phone with us us to quickly clarify our wants. I have shown the final plans to some of our friends and they love what you created. We can't wait to build our dream home that you designed. We are so happy that we used you and will be telling our friends about how easy it was to use you and how impressive your work is."

God bless, Allen and Lisa Joyce, Miami, FL

 Sustainable Home Design Floor Plan


 Sustainable Home Design Floor Plan

First of all I want to tell you my business is not civil engineering, house designing, or energy consulting.  Although my credentials are all of the above, I am in the service business.  My job is to make sure you get what you want, how you want it.  I'm in the business of helping you make your dream home a reality.

With my custom home plans drawn to your specifications, you will be able to see your home in 3 dimensions giving you peace of mind knowing what your home will look like before it's built.

Do you have a plan, sketch, or idea of what you want in your dream home? Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.  Don't settle for less.  Choose the best!

With my 100% customized, construction ready house plans, designed precisely how you want them, you’ll watch your ideas become a reality.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you need a construction ready, full set of house plans?

  • Do you have an idea of what you want for your new home, but need someone to draw your plans?

  • Would you like to have your heating and cooling system properly sized and a written guarantee on your average monthly heating and cooling costs? Did you know, 90% of the time I can save the homeowner at least 1 ton on their heating and cooling system by sizing it correctly? That’s $2000-$5000 savings!

Let me draw your house plans and you will receive a quality set of plans drawn to your specifications that is guaranteed to have low utility bills!


 Why Choose Phillip Rye for your blueprints?

Services offered

Phillip Rye House Plan Sites
Consultation Fee $0 $50-$100
Cost for revisions $0 Estimates only
Right read reverse plan/mirror $0 $75-$175
Unlimited copies of your plan $0 Not available
3D Drawings included in plan $0 Not available
3D Video of your home $0 Not available
Customer service Phillip Rye Large Company
Additional costs for basement/slab $0 $100-$150
Home energy analysis with WRITTEN GUARANTEE on your heating and cooling
costs.  Everything you need to know to make
your home super-energy efficient saving
$1000's of dollars!
10 cents/sq. ft. living area Not available


"We would like to highly recommend Phillip Rye. He has worked very closely with us, on what was just an idea from my own head, about the house that I wanted. My husband found Phillip's name through his pursuit of a very energy conscious person to take this on, he found his father's videos first and through that we found Phillip.

We were frightened that we wouldn't be able to do something like this over the internet, but Phillip was able to stay right with us and was able to understand all of our wishes for the house.
We were extremely pleased with all of our interactions with Phillip and all of the services he offered us from Drafting to Energy consulting."

Kim and Dan Atchley

"Residing in Colorado and building in Colorado with plans drawn in Arkansas would have been a slow and tedious process in time past. Phillip and I worked efficiently with the use of Internet technology to communicate our ideas clearly and quickly. It was a simple process of receiving a PDF via e-mail, hand-sketching any changes, scanning the document and e-mailing back to Phillip. We had no ideas lost in oral communication. Phillip was very responsive to my request and put together a complete set of construction plans that accurately portrayed my new house concept while adding professional ideas all at a very affordable price. I'd do it again."

Dave Hollema
Littleton, CO




You'll get a complete, construction ready set of plans you can take to your builder/contractor.
Each set includes:

  • Floor plan

  • Elevations

  • Electrical plan

  • Foundation plan

  • Roof Plan

  • Energy efficient construction details (included with energy analysis)

  • Several 3D angles and views

  • 1 full-sized, reproducible set of plans

  • 1 (11"x17") set to carry with you

  • PLUS a re-printable .PDF digital copy that you can take into any print shop for additional copies and/or enlargements.


Here's What You Get


Two Separate Calculations:

  1. Custom blueprints (under roof):
    Standard charges are $0.40 (40 cents) per sq ft under roof.
    This is for all living area, garages, and porches. There is no charge for unfinished basement area.

  2. Energy Analysis (living area):
    Complete energy analysis for your specific plan.
    Charges are $0.10 (10 cents) per sq ft living area only.

++ Still have questions? 
Email me at or call 501-317-9883.




Preferred payment is with Credit/Debit card.  Payment is made through three payments during the design process. 

  • Payment One - $300 payment is made after the initial draft is sent to you. 

  • Payment Two -  Approximately 1/3 of the final balance is taken half way through the design process

  • Payment Three -  Remaining balance when the plan is completed and submitted to you.

Payment methods

Check and



Dear Phillip,

Greg and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding work you did for us by providing such a wonderful plan for our retirement home. Working via internet was remarkably easy and convenient for us. I would recommend this process for anyone who is not conveniently located near your office. The entire process has been so much fun and I always looked forward to each draft to see the changes and improvements that you implemented. You took our ideas and designed a fabulous home for the limited amount of square footage we gave you to work with.

Because we are down-sizing, we didn't want a really large home but it still had to meet the certain and specific needs of our family. You got it just right! ..........You paid very close attention to my list of "must-haves" and actually came through with each thing on the list. Thank you! It has truly been a pleasure working with you.

Maureen and Greg Bourns


Rye House Plan Design Featured In
"Arkansas Green Guide"



During the planning process we will discuss the following construction items:

  • Heating and cooling methods: Solar heating, air-to-air heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps.


  • Insulation: SIP's (Structural Insulated Panels), cellulose insulation, spray foam, and ICF's (Insulated Concrete Forms)


  • Energy efficient windows, framing techniques, water heaters, passive solar design, radiant barrier roof decking, and air infiltration.




Nationwide Service

It doesn't matter if I am working with someone down the street or 5000 miles away, I use technology to make the process easier for both of us.   Email and PDF technology allows me to make my service available nationwide.  I will make the house planning process easy for you! I guarantee it.



Planning Tip

Computer Designs:  Many architects and designers use computers to create elevations, floor plans, and design details.  Computer aided design (CAD) can save time and money, provide more accurate drawings, and give you a visual image before building.  All Rye Home designs are done using a computer program.



Phillip Rye
Civil Engineer, PE


About Me

  • Graduated from the University of Arkansas College of Civil Engineering

  • Licensed Engineer

  • Over 10 yrs. experience in house design/energy consulting

  • Thorough knowledge of house construction and structural components.  This includes geothermal heat pumps, air-to-air heat pumps, SIP's, ICF, and cellulose insulation.


Thanks and God bless!

Phillip Rye

Rye House Plan Design and Energy Consulting     Benton, AR