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Geothermal Pool Heater



A geothermal pool heater comes with a host of benefits. One of the main reasons that people choose to install geothermal heating and cooling in their homes is because they have significant--and justified--concerns about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. When you're dealing with a swimming pool, you're dealing with something that is used strictly for recreation, which makes it even more sensible to heat it with something that doesn't do damage to the environment. The efficiency and cost of geothermal heating is a natural choice for use on swimming pools.



The Pool Heat Sink 


Heating the amount of water contained in a swimming pool consumes an enormous amount of energy. Having a geothermal pool heater installed means that you're consuming no fossil fuels during this process. Most of the time, homeowners use a gas heater to heat their swimming pool. This consumes an enormous amount of resources, is as expensive as you would expect it to be when you are spending money on natural gas to heat a swimming pool and is very inefficient. Geothermal heating is a much more efficient enterprise. Not only that, you are using energy that is already present in the Earth, which means that you are having no negative effects on the environment by heating your swimming pool with a geothermal pool heater.




Geothermal Pool Heater Installation


The cost of installing a geothermal pool heater will be higher than installing a gas heater, in most cases. The amount of money that you will save in energy bills, however, is generally noticed right away and is significant enough that the heater will pay for itself in a short amount of time. In addition to this, a geothermal pool heater is a very durable device and these systems are famous for having a great deal of longevity. This means that you end up having to replace your equipment very infrequently and that you get a great deal of use out of the money you invest in the system. 




A geothermal pool heater can give the same quality of heating to your swimming pool as can a gas heater. In addition to this, you get the comfortable feeling that comes with knowing that your recreational activities aren't having a negative impact on the Earth. For those who are most concerned about the environment when they switch over to geothermal energy generation, this is a very significant and meaningful benefit. 


A geothermal pool heater will need to be hooked up to a ground loop just as will any other geothermal heating system. There are options out there for systems that use environmentally friendly substances to circulate the heat in the geothermal systems and these are very popular. Beyond a geothermal pool heater, there are also products available that can offer the same level of efficiency and environmental friendliness for home heating and for myriad other applications. Where Earth-friendly energy generation is concerned, geothermal is one of the most popular and practical options on the market.

by - Phillip Rye

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