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Thermal Ground Heating and Cooling


Understanding Ground Heating and Cooling

Looking at the bill you pay for heating and cooling is never a pleasant thing. Particularly if you live in an area with severe winters, you're probably paying an awful lot for heating and cooling your home. Thermal ground heating is one of the best options for people who want to get out of the cycle of paying too much for the energy that they consume. With these systems, you have the option of actually getting no utility bill at all for heating and cooling your home. 


Understanding Ground Heating and Cooling 


Ground heating and cooling operates on a simple concept. The very earth that you're standing on serves as a reservoir for energy. You can draw heat energy from the earth to heat your home in the winter and you can take heat energy from your home and deposit it into the earth in the summer. This is a very simple concept, of course, but it takes some pretty sophisticated technology to make it all work. The basic elements of any geothermal heating and cooling system are a heat pump and a ground loop that circulates an anti-freeze that distributes the heat to the ground in the summer and the heat to the house in the winter.

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Thermal Ground Heating Options


Thermal ground heating comes with a variety of options for the homeowner. In some areas, depending upon the climate, the heat pump could be installed outside. This allows you to have this piece of equipment located in a place where it is completely unobtrusive. In other areas, ground heating and cooling will require that you have a heat pump installed in your house but, compared to other heating systems, these are very quiet and they generate no noxious fumes and no carbon monoxide. This makes them much safer options in many regards. 


Thermal ground heating also comes with the not insignificant benefit of avoiding making any contribution to the fossil fuel pollution of the air. Whenever fossil fuels are consumed, they generate carbon that is stored in the atmosphere and that contributes to the greenhouse effect and to climate change. Thermal ground heating simply has no impact on this whatsoever. You are drawing energy out of the earth that has already been deposited there by the sun. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about turning your heater up in the winter or turning your cooling system way up in the summer. You can live comfortably and live sensibly.  


Geothermal Heat Pump Costs


The costs of thermal ground heating are generally more expensive than any other type of HVAC system for installation. This, however, is quickly balanced out by the amount of money that homeowner saved by having these systems operating in their homes. The utility bills for heating and cooling disappear and the headaches that come with having to deal with dirty, fossil fuel driven systems disappear, as well. These systems are famous for their longevity, their durability and the reliability and they provide all of these things without harming the environment. 

by - Phillip Rye

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