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 Trane Ground Source Heat Pump

A Trane ground source heat pump refers to a ground source heat pump that is manufactured by the Trane Company.  Trane is based out of Piscataway, New Jersey in the United States.  Though it is a part of the larger Ingersoll Rand, it is recognised worldwide as a leader in HVAC systems as well as energy efficient systems.  Available in 24 countries, Trane is one of the most talked about names in the industry.

Why the Trane Name Represents Quality?

They are well known for subjecting their Trane ground source heat pump systems to thousands of hours of continuous testing.  They even have a rule: if the product cannot make it through the notorious test lab (where testers even try to break the system for weeks on end) it is simply not allowed on the market.  No wonder they enjoy the motto, “It’s hard to stop a Trane.”

Trane ground source heat pump systems are known for this exquisite detail and impeccably high standards for durability and functionality. 


They are also one of the few manufacturers to build their own parts rather than simply buy them from someone else at a wholesale price.  Some of their innovations in the industry include the Climatuff compressor, the Spine Fin™ coil and the Hyperion air handler.   

Trane Ground Source Heat Pump
Gets Rave Reviews

The company has been mentioned favourably by Popular Mechanics and is proud of the fact that a Harvard study actually found them to be the world’s best whole-house air filtration system.  Even when compared to dual process systems, and conventional HVAC systems, Trane ground source heat pump technology is universally renowned.

Lastly, consider that there are professional Trane installations all over the world—and sometimes in the most prestigious of locations.  There is an installation in the Statue of Liberty in North America, as well as the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Greece, the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, the Australian Stock Exchange in Melbourne, Australia and the famous Skydome in Toronto, Canada.

How Much Does the Trane Ground Source Heat Pump System Cost?

One of the company’s claims to fame is the heat pump based HVAC system.  This system acquires heat from the ground, exchanging the heat produced by the sunlight and using it to store heat for the winter and make hot water for the summer.  (Which can then be used with a coolant system for air)  In determining the final cost, you must consider the average temperature in your region, your home size and shape, the age of your home, and pre-existing ductwork in the interiors.  You also have to take into account local regulations.

Trane Ground Source Heat Pump

by Phillip Rye -

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