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What are the Uses of
Geothermal Energy? 

What does this phrase mean and what are the uses of geothermal energy?  Geothermal energy refers to energy that is generated and stored within the planet’s land.  Specifically, it is energy that determines matter’s temperature.  It comes from both the land formation of earth as well as the radioactive decay of minerals.  

 The Uses of Geothermal Energy in Modern Times

It is a growing industry, as it is very green-friendly.  However, there are multiple explanation for what geothermal energy is.  For example, many countries make direct use of petajoules of thermal heating, while others go for space heating, and still others support various agricultural approaches to this science.

Another common system is that of a ground source heat pump, which utilizes the sunlight that warms the ground to create a better HVAC system.  (It can support heating in the winter and hot water in the summer, which can be used as a system of cooling).  Heat pumps are one of the most popular devices for harnessing this natural geothermal energy.  Geothermal energy is growing 30% on average throughout the world. 

Why do we prefer this direct heating method?  It is far more efficient, safe and cost-effective than using traditional means of energy.  In the case of the ground source heat pump, it creates financial benefits (since after paying for the installation, you receive free heat from the sun) as well as green benefits.  Namely, in cleaner air, since practically the entire system is installed underground.  Not only does this pump system refrain from sending noxious chemicals into the air; it is also protected from all sorts of damaging elements.


 Uses of Geothermal Energy Beyond the Ground Source Heat Pump System

Besides the ground source heat pump system, the uses of geothermal energy can be seen in other systems using heat and air.  For example, this type of energy can power farming equipment, swimming pools, spas, industrial buildings and even complex manufacturing processes.  Some of these systems are devised as dual power generators, meaning they derive some energy or heat from the earth, and get additional energy from water.

Actually, deriving the power straight from the earth is the most efficient option you can select.  Nevertheless, even a cooperative effort with ground energy and hot springs activity is a very efficient form of energy production.  Besides water, some systems can use solar energy collection in addition to ground warming. 

Though this technology has been around since Roman times, and perhaps even as far back as Paleolithic times, only now in the face of imminent danger from the overuse of fossil fuels are more homeowners and businesspersons starting to explore this superior technology. 

Just a thought to ponder: even with our vast energy demands we could easily power up our endeavours here on earth with just a few hours of sunlight a day.  While sunlight and sun heating continues to be free, drilling for new fossil fuel resources is expensive—in the short-term and gravely expensive in the long-term.  Why not talk to a geothermal energy specialist today for a thorough explanation?

by Phillip Rye -

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 What are the Uses of Geothermal Energy?